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Specialist In Surface Finishing

Techno Finishing Sdn Bhd is one of Pioneer Manufacturing Company on Surface Finishing Specialist in Malaysia. Techno-Finishing is engaged in the Manufacturing and Trading of Abrasive, Medias and Compound and the operation of a Surface Finishing Jobbing Centre providing cleaning, blasting, polishing, descaling, deburring, derusting, deflashing, deoxiding, burnishing and peening services.

"Techno-Finishing" is a leading supplier of abrasives used in the surface finishing of both metallic and non-metallic parts. As the largest stockiest and distributor of granular and shaped abrasives in the region, the Company has many different types and sizes of abrasives to meet the needs of clients for surface finishing processes.

Besides the supply of abrasives, we also design and fabricate various types of general and custom-built surface finishing equipment for a broad spectrum of industries.

Our Full range of standard and custom-made surface finishing equipment includes :

A) Sand Blast and Shot Blast Machine

Brand : "Techno-Blast" & "Blastworld"
  1. Wheel / Shot Blast Machine
    Such as : Hanger, Turntable, Passing through conveyor and others.
  2. Compact Suction Blast Machine
  3. Rotating Basket Suction Blast Machine
  4. Swing Turntable Suction Blast Machine
  5. Suction Blast Dry Deflashing Machine
  6. Wet Blast Machine
  7. Pressure Pot and Pressure Blasting Cabinet

B) Vibratory, Tumbling & Barreling Finishing Equipment

Brand : Techno-Polish
  1. Vibratory deburr & Polishing Machine
  2. Centrifugal Disc Finishing Machine
  3. High Speed Barreling Machine
  4. Magnetic Polishing Machine

C) Manual and Automation Buffing / Polishing Equipment

Brand : Techno-Buff
  1. Double-Head Manual Buffing Machine C/w Dust Collector
  2. PAutomatic Turntable/ Planetary Table Buffing Machine.

D) Semi / Auto Cleaning or Washing Equipment

Brand: Techno-Clean

  1. Ultrasonic, High Pressure Water Jet or Turbowash Machine
  2. Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine
  3. Stress Release Oven & Hot Air Conveyor Oven
  4. Sin Dryer Machine
  5. Turbo Wash Machine & Oil Removing Machine

E) Others Service
  1. Provide R & D or Sample Testing
  2. Provide Sub-Contract Jobbing Service
  3. Provide Equipments Rental Service

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